photography + notes + development

Negotiated photography project

Workbook sketches by Evan Skuthorpe
Photo by: Evan Skuthorpe

A document of my recently completed and submitted university project - 'negotiated photography project' where I sought to research, develop and produce a photographic concept. The project is a comment on narcissistic social-media-based selfie culture where self-identity and people's projection of themselves is both annoying as fuck, and a recognised mental sickness.

Reflection on photography

Two women from Sapa in Vietnam, photo by Evan Skuthorpe
Photo by: Evan Skuthorpe

A story about a journey of photographic self-reflection and growth as a photographer, artist and practitioner - a case of what I knew then versus what I know now as well as the historical tendency to be a self-critical artist.

The Changing Face of the East End

The changing face of the East End of London, photo by Evan Skuthorpe
Photo by: Evan Skuthorpe

The East End has seen its fair share of change through history, and in the last 5 to 10 years, it's been driven by redevelopment and progress, making for an interesting time to live in the East End. This series was born of the first year of my degree and seeks to explore that change.